How I Met Mr. Johnny Noodle King

How I Met Mr. Johnny Noodle King

If you are like me when you crave something you look for any opportunity to have it. For the past three weeks I have been craving RAMEN and seeing as it was Sunday Funday (aka a Sunday with no plans which equals adventure time) I thought it was a great day to have some delicious ramen. Unfortunately, all of the ramen places downtown Windsor said they were closed on Sunday but on google maps it showed one ramen place in Detroit that opened at noon -- Johnny Noodle King.

I checked out their website and was sold when I saw a picture of their pork buns front and center. What is interesting about this craving and my relationship with ramen, is that it was only in April of last year that I had ramen for the first time in my LIFE. This is because I burned my mouth on a hot cup of tea years ago and after that hot liquids and I do not mix.


Anyways, what should have only taken 15 minutes to get there, took an hour and a half because the border patrol could not believe we were driving over to have some ramen, “that you could buy at the store for a dollar”. Clearly this gentleman has never had good ramen before BUT I digress, my apologies.

As we approached Johnny Noodle King, the parking lot was full, which is a good sign for a restaurant on a Sunday. The interior decor was inviting and the aroma that filled the air was making my stomach extra hungry after waiting so long. The waitress swiftly came over and I asked her right away for two pork buns. I needed those ASAP rocky.

After those pork buns disappeared, we ordered the 'Shoyu' and the 'Southwest' ramen. Which, when compared one to another are two very different dishes.

The shoyu had pork belly (my choice), nori, menma, scallions, egg, naruto, bonito and perfect noodles. This dish is EXACTLY what I think about when I say "I want to have ramen." It is this delicious collection of flavours.

On the other hand, the Southwest had: shredded chicken, corn, diced tomatoes, scallions, fried wontons that soaked up the deliciousness, cilantro, shredded cheese, with a yummy dollop of Crema Fresca. I am probably the one Latina out there that does not like spicy food, but with the Southwest there was most definitely a spicy kick to it but totally a tasteful spicy kick. You know what I mean?

Both of these dishes fill you up! So if you go and get too full, ask for a container! I sure did! 

To finish off the meal, I finally tasted the texture of something that I have only heard of before, which is mochi! My dear friend Johnny had mochi ice cream (ice cream surrounded by mochi), we ordered the red bean and green tea flavour. I was so excited to try them that I personally did not get a picture, sorry friends!

All in all, I was super happy that I finally got some food in me but also that we discovered a new restaurant in our windsor-detroit neighbourhood! Big thumbs up to this restaurant, they offered an amazing experience with great food and quality service!  

Final ramen verdict : 

  • The Shoyu: ten out of ten would recommend

  • The Southwest: recommend if you're taste buds are looking for something different