How DevaCurl Changed The Way I Travel

How DevaCurl Changed The Way I Travel

Over the past four years, I have been hiding my curls from the world while travelling through Europe, North America and even Africa. On almost every trip I have been on, I’ve ensured that my hair is straightened or curled (with my straightening iron) so it is ‘easier’ to travel with and I could avoid the detangling pain.

The times that I have travelled with my natural hair, my hair starts out as curls, then turns into mini dreads and inevitably ends up as a nest, because I constantly twist it up into a bun.

If you are a fellow curlfriend, you know the struggle.

Back in April I received products from DevaCurl to try out while I was on My Iberian Adventure with Europe’s Famous Hostels.


I had always been curious about DevaCurl because my curlfriends rave about the No-Poo Cleanser and One Condition conditioner, but I had never tried their products myself.

I have now officially been using DevaCurl for the past six months and I can tell you that it has worked since day one.  

According to Naturally Curly, my curl type is 3B, which is coarse (yes), dense (yes), and varies from ringlets to corkscrews (YES).

All of these products did work on my hair, but some suited my curl type better than others.

What I Use On My Travels

  1. Wash Day Wonder - Pre-cleanse Slip Detangler

  2. No-Poo Original - Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser

  3. One Condition Original - Daily Cream Conditioner

  4. Supercream - Coconut Curl Styler

  5. Set It Free - Moisture Lock Finishing Spray

The five products above are lifesavers ‘nest’-savers for my hair. Best of all, most of them come in travel size bottles so you don’t have to check in a bag at the airport.

I have labeled these products from 1 - 5 in the order I would use them. The Wash Day Wonder has some incredible detangling power that you honestly need to experience for yourself. When I have knots in my hair, I apply the product in with soaking wet hair, and work from the bottom up until it detangles all my knots. After I proceed with my regular steps, No-Poo Original - Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser and One Condition Original - Daily Cream Conditioner.

I style my hair with Supercream, and it keeps my hair smelling like coconuts all day long, but also my curls are kept defined with zero crunch. To finish my haircare routine, I spritz on a little bit of Set It Free, to lock in the moisture, and I am ready to take on a day of sightseeing.

The five above products help me showcase my curls as I travel. I can't thank DevaCurl enough for making it possible to travel with my natural curls.  My hair is no longer ‘hard to handle,’ I can now embrace my natural self and release the mane.


UPDATE 02/07/2019 - Affiliate links have been added into the text as I am now a DevaCurl Ambassador. Commission will be received if links are used.