Fun In The Sun With Gingham

We have all been there.


We buy a super cute bathing suit but have no real purpose for it because it is the middle of winter and you have to wait for either summer or your next vacation...

Back in November, I bought two bathing suit tops and bottoms from the collaboration GUESS did with Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman from ‘A Bikini A Day’ collection. I bought the high waisted culotte bikini bottoms, gingham bikini top, and the gingham ruffle bikini top. I love me a gingham print! I had no idea I was going to see it everywhere in stores this Spring / Summer season!

Once plans were set to go to Orlando for a week in February, it was a no brainer to pack my new bathing suit! For once perfect timing!

The last week of February in Orlando had some warmer weather in-store for us compared to what we were having in Canada. We were so excited to have a pool day and when we finally did, the pool at the Regal Palms Resort and Spa left us in awe! They had four pool sections, a slide, and my personal favourite, a lazy river! Once I got in, I never wanted to get out (I become a mermaid once I get into water)! 


I wore the bathing suit out for the first time and fell in love with the way it fit! The bathing suit bottoms are a size small and are a high waisted bikini cut, so naturally I was a little hesitant having my bum cheeks so exposed. The bottoms fit so nice and the ruche 'ruched' up so well there was nothing to complain about!

For the top, I wish I had ordered it in a smaller size BUT the detailing with the little daisies made up for it. I felt like a total vintage babe!

I am looking forward to try on the ruffle bikini top because I can pair it with some cute high waisted shorts for the daytime or even black high waisted pants to wear out! Tasha and Devin did such an amazing job on this collection. They now have their own swimwear line called 'Monday Swimwear' where they specialize in making the right fit for all of us babes. Whether we have a little more on the top or a little less on the bottom, they have a suit for us!

Final verdict




Final verdict

I can't wait to try on a bathing suit from 'Monday Swimwear' to see how their specialized fits feel and look!