Condesa By Night with Mexico Underground

Condesa By Night with Mexico Underground

When you visit a city with a population of 131,348,979 or 1.71% of the world’s population (according to Worldometers) you need someone to show you the way. Thankfully, we were able to explore the neighbourhood of Condesa with the guidance of Ubish and Ninelth from Mexico Underground!


We started off our night trying some delicious tacos, that weren't on your conventional corn tortilla. The pork is cooked in between layers of garlic, cilantro, parsley, butter on the spork and then cut and laid on a pita ‘tortilla’, with a side of their must-have black beans. According to Ubish it is so rare to find a pita ‘tortilla’, or pitas in general, in the city that this restaurant gets their pitas done exclusively for them.

Although there was a long line, we didn’t have to wait at all. As they saw Ubish and Ninelth, we were welcomed and seated. The established rapport with the local foodie places (and the VIP treatment) is yet another perk of going on the tour with Mexico Underground.

As we headed to the next two stops, we chatted with an amazing couple that loved tacos, beer, and spirits as much as we did--which made the evening all the more enjoyable. We tasted some new beers at a specialty beer bar and even met the brewmaster from Monstruo De Agua! We then went and tasted some Mezcal.


If you haven’t heard of Mezcal, you need to go to a bar and try it because a shot of Mezcal is an experience in itself. Mezcal is an Agave spirit (like Tequila) but has a smoky taste to it. Ubish and Ninelth took good care of us and ordered Jamaica water with mint to make the Mezcal tasting easier. Julia and I had a hard time of breathing out properly once we took a sip of Mezcal, but it did get easier (because of the different ages of the Mezcal) as we got to the end. What was most enjoyable for both of us though, was trying the Mezcal in a cocktail. I tried the Avocado Mezcal, and Julia had the Mezcal with lime and soda water. They were each so unique and so refreshing. We had a blast trying Mezcal, but all the drinks left us hungry to taste one last local taco spot.

Julia and I left this night with a sense that food really can connect people from all over the world. Ninelth and Ubish did an outstanding job bringing each a rich perspective to the table. From Ubish’s culinary background to Ninelth’s passion in history, we walked away from the tour feeling like we got a great grasp of the foodie-night scene in Condesa.

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